Garden decorative bark and fire briquettes

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Bark from Inverness Bark

XXL BAGS OF BARK – best quality & value bark in the Highlands.

Get the best quality and value bark in the Highlands with our XXL bags of bark. Our bark offers coverage of up to 30m2+ per bag (at 50mm deep). Our XXL bags contain at least 50% more bark than others supply per bag.

Choose from a variety of bark types, including Decorative, Ornamental, Nursery, and Composted Bark.

      • Decorative Bark (large/Medium)
      • Ornamental (Medium/Small)
      • Nursery (Small)
      • Composted bark / bark finings (very fine, almost soil like)
      • We also do hardwood play chips – see below.

Our fantastic bark is also available in 70-litre bags, providing an average coverage of 1.5m2 (at 50mm deep) per bag. To put it in perspective, 20 of these bags are equivalent to one XXL bag.


  • Buy 1 x XXL value bag for £145 inc VAT with free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport* for up to 2 bags.

  • Buy 10 x 70 litre bags for £99 inc VAT with free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport

  • Buy 20 x 70 litre bags (same amount of bark as an XXL bag) for £175 inc VAT with free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport. 


We offer bulk loose delivery for all types of bark with a minimum order of 35m3 priced from £45/m3 ex VAT plus delivery which is from £200/ex VAT for local deliveries.  We can deliver up to 80m3 at a time in artic tipper or moving floor artic.   We can also deliver our certified hardwood play chip, with a minimum order of 35m3.  Contact us for price.   We can deliver up to 90m3 of hardwood chip at a time in artic tipper or moving floor artic.


Get our amazing certified hardwood play chip, our hardest wearing, cleanest, certified play material.    Also suitable for your chicken coops or chicken runs or your flower beds or anywhere you would use bark.  1 bulk bag has a coverage of up to 10m2 at 100mm deep or up to 20m2 at 50mm.

  • Buy 1 x bulk bag for £160 inc VAT reduced from £180 with free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport* for up to 2 bags.

Premium Topsoil from Inverness Bark

Our premium screened topsoil is now available in bulk bags (950kg) or loose loads from 2.2T to 20T at a time.  The pH of the topsoil is lab tested at pH 6.5, which is ideal:

    • A pH 6.5 is the best general purpose pH for gardens, allowing a wide range of plants to grow.
    • The availability of major nutrients is at its highest and bacterial and earthworm activity is optimum at this pH
    • It is not usually necessary to add anything to improve soil pH at this level

We offer delivery for small or large quantities of loose or bagged topsoil within a few days, subject to weather conditions and stock availability.


  • Bulk bags of premium topsoil are £129 each with free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport.

  • Trailer load, get over 2 bulk bags worth of loose topsoil in a trailer load for only £199, including free delivery within 10 miles of Inverness Airport.

  • Best value is 10T or 20T loose delivery from £35/per ton ex VAT delivered.

For bulk orders or loose topsoil, contact us for the best price on or call 01667 460383

Fire & stove briquettes from Inverness Bark

Upgrade your fire game with our long-lasting fire and stove briquettes that emit a long lasting heat, making them perfect for continuous use throughout the day and even overnight. They’re compatible with most wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, and open fires, ensuring that you’re always prepared for any weather.

We take pride in delivering our top-quality fire briquettes straight to your doorstep with the help of our friendly local team. We aim to deliver your order in just a few days, ensuring that you have a warm and cozy home as soon as possible.


  • Buy 10 x 10kg packs for £99

  • Buy 20 x 10kg packs and get 1 x 10kg pack FREE for £199

  • Buy 40 x 10kg packs and get 4 x 10kg packs FREE for £398

  • Buy 45 x 10kg packs for £408 with free uk wide pallet delivery (some postcodes have small surcharge)

Kiln dried birch (hardwood)

We’re excited to announce our new supply of top-quality kiln-dried birch hardwood, now available in crates or bulk bags! Check out the photo above to see some of our satisfied customers enjoying their perfectly stacked logs next to their cozy stove.

Inverness Bark’s kiln dried birch offers several advantages over seasoned wood:

  1. Longer burning time: Our kiln dried birch burns much longer than seasoned wood, which means you won’t have to constantly add more logs to your fire.
  2. Better heat output: Our kiln dried birch burns at a higher temperature than seasoned wood, which means it will warm your home more efficiently.
  3. Reduced moisture: Kiln drying removes most of the moisture from the wood, which makes it lighter and easier to handle. This also means it produces less smoke and soot, which is better for your chimney and the environment.
  4. Convenience: Our kiln dried birch comes in convenient crates or bulk bags, ready to use and certified as ready to burn. This makes it easier to store and transport compared to seasoned wood, which requires time and space to dry properly.

Overall, Inverness Barks kiln dried birch offers a more convenient, efficient, and environmentally-friendly option for heating your home compared to traditional seasoned wood.


A full size crate (new) of premium kiln dried hardwood (birch) is currently on special offer at £360 inc VAT, see picture below.

A bulk bag of premium kiln dried hardwood (birch) is £185 inc VAT.